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Our Artists

Terrence Hawkes

I've been tattooing professionally since 2007. Originally from England but residing in South Florida since 2003. My favorite styles of tattooing are geometric tattoos and black and grey. I also do watercolor paintings. All my work is customized to my customer's ideas. Ive been with the Viper Tattoo Shop since 2010 and it's been an awesome time. Thanks for checking out my work!

Jennelle Stevens

I moved to Florida from Richmond, Va. I have been tattooing for over ten years. I have won three awards for portrait tattoos at the Florida Tattoo Expo. I generally do American traditional and color portrait tattoos. I'm also a huge fan of Geometric work and any cartoon and comic book based color tattoos.

Ivan Skolnik

What separates Ivan from every other tattoo artist in Florida is his exquisite black and gray tattoo work. He has won the most awards for black and gray tattoos at the Florida Tattoo Expo. His ability to personally tailor every minute detail of every tattoo for his customers makes him more than just another craftsmen. His finished designs have inspired many other aspiring tattoo artists in Florida. He is an artisan that you can believe in.

Daisy Smith

I've had a passion for art since a young age, getting into different mediums as I go. My interest in tattooing started early and grew quickly. I enjoy doing sleeves and large portrait work. I also specialize in cute cartoons, anime, and japanese style tattoos. I am excited to continue learning about my trade.