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Restoring Hope to Miami

Think for a moment about what it would be like to live in a place in which everyone - individuals, families, neighborhoods, institutions, organizations, businesses, even the environment were all knit together like threads in a tapestry to create healthy, flourishing neighborhoods. At Hope for Miami, that’s what we are working towards. And we’re pursuing this goal in more ways than one. First, we've created a number of programs to serve the families, children, and youth of our community. Too many in South Florida face a future of poverty, neighborhood violence, broken families, and the absence of positive role models to turn to for wisdom and guidance. We’re working hard to give them the hope of a brighter future. But we recognize that creating flourishing communities is a team effort—and we’re committed to serving other organizations by providing the knowledge, skills, resources, and information they need to make a positive impact on the community Finally, we are committed to connecting volunteers here in South Florida with organizations that need their help. To learn more about these services, please use the menu on the right side of this page.