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City Affirming, Community Strengthening

We desire our communities to be places in which everyone - individuals, families, neighborhoods, institutions, organizations, businesses, even the environment are all knit together like threads in a tapestry to create healthy, flourishing neighborhoods. We value the city and are committed to both people and place as we seek physical, social, and spiritual renewal. In a word, we seek the "Shalom" of God here in South Florida.

Congregation Committed

We believe that people of faith bring unique motives and resources to the issues that challenge our communities. In our common effort of “re-weaving the torn fabric” of our neighborhoods, we therefore invite all faith groups to dedicate their resources towards the transformation of Miami.

Children and Family Nurturing

The family is the basic unit of society and children and youth are best cared for within healthy, stable families with a father and mother or other nurturing adults. We seek to strengthen the family through programs that assist parents in meeting the needs of their children, as well as training, resourcing and encouraging those organizations who serve our families.

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Connect for Collaboration

Our work is done through partnerships and collaborations which link the resources, skills and knowledge of many. As groups and individuals are connected, innovations and collaborations emerge to address specific challenges or goals. People of faith and goodwill (from congregations, business, government, non-profit groups, and individuals) are united in a way that changes lives (socially, spiritually, economically and in other positive ways) and, over time, communities and even a city.

Capacity Building

Even though it's a "buzz word" today, Hope for Miami values empowerment and our values and activities reflect this emphasis. Our work should not patronize, but free and empower. We therefore dedicate ourselves to coming alongside faith and community-based groups to equip and mobilize them to meet the needs of our neighbors. We do this through mentoring organizations and developing children and youth by connecting them to effective programs, resources and volunteers so that our communities thrive. With respect to our program partners, this also entails monitoring and evaluating performance, adjusting for greater success and challenging and preparing for self-sufficiency without reliance upon Hope for Miami.

Compassion Compelled

We value the vulnerable and recognize God's unrelenting concern for the poor, widowed, migrant, sick, prisoner, homeless, and oppressed. We work in partnership to build opportunities for service that result in a better life for those who live at the margins.